60 Weeks | Agile Development Workshop

Throughout the year, we have had plenty of talks about agile vs. waterfall development and heard reasons why people use each of them when it comes to the digital world.

But this week, we had the opportunity to spend two days learning the agile development process in a workshop with Bree Thomas and Kat Grider. Both women worked at Factory Design Labs together in Denver, CO where they worked with brands like The North Face and Audi.

Within the first hour of the workshop, we were put in groups and given a project where we were supposed to get as many tennis balls back into a bucket as we could. The rules: Each member of the four person team must touch the tennis ball. You cannot pass the ball to your neighbor. The ball must have “air time”. The ball must end with the person in which it originated

We had 3 iterations with a little downtime in between. We had to estimate how many we would get back in the bucket each iteration. Each team planned and thought they had a good estimate of just how much work could be done. Needless to say, we were all a little off with our numbers. But with each iteration and time to reflect on what went wrong, we got better!

The rest of the day was spent going through the agile process using the Audi brand. On the morning of the 2nd day, we started playing with Legos.  We built a city called Bratville (Bree and Kat = Brat) using our knowledge from the day before. Kat and Bree acted as the client role and did check-ins every 5 minutes to make sure we were on schedule with our sprints.

The class is looking forward to more workshops like this down the road!

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